An Energy Solution for the Developing World

MASH Biotech offers a novel gasifier solution, developed for modular, decentralised electricity production in the developing world using only local waste products and sustainable biomass as an input. The MB-G100C gasifier offers unbeatable cost of energy, capacity and a negative CO2 footprint.

Creating an energy solution for the developing world

The refugee camp in Kakuma is the second largest in Africa, housing between 150.000 and 200.000 refugees from South Sudan, Somalia and other conflict-torn regions. Being situated in the middle of a desert, Kakuma is relying on heavy international subsidies and shipments to sustain the lives of the camp inhabitants. As part of the “Knæk Koden” initiative, a collaboration between the organisation Access2Innovation, the Kenyan Red Cross and the Danish Church Aid and with support from the Danish Industry Foundation, MASH Biotech identified an abundant biomass resource in the area in the form of Prosopis Juliflora – an invasive plant species (its flowers shown above). MASH has since shown that Prosopis can be converted to cheap electricity for e.g. pumping water and a fertiliser product called biochar, which can be used to turn arid land into farmable fields. Taking into account the role of the biochar, the CO2 footprint is estimated to be a negative(!) 5kg per kWh produced.

In addition to providing energy stability, the introduction of the gasifiers would create an estimated 14.000 to 19.000 jobs for the currently mostly unemployed refugees. The jobs will be within feedstock harvesting, machine operation and farming of crops.

The MB-G100C was originally developed for Kakuma, but is now sold across the developing world, including in India, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya and Zimbabwe. Since the initial, successful trials with Prosopis, a wealth of different feedstocks have been validated including sewage sludge, manure, wood chips, sugar cane residues. Many other feedstocks are in the pipeline.

World class technology, market leading performance

The MASH Biotech gasifier solution (the MB-G100C) has been developed in collaboration with the The Technical University of Denmark’s Chemical Engineering group, which has more than three decades of experience in the field and is widely acknowledged as holding the most well-documented and efficient gasifier technology currently available. The MASH Biotech TwoStage gasifier is therefore able to deliver unprecedented performance at minimal cost:

  • CAPEX per installed kW is >60% less than the best competitor (large scale wind).
  • Cost per kWh produced is on par with large scale wind farms (and below coal!).
  • Footprint of plant reduced by 80% compared to biogas plants (anaerobic digestion).
  • Tar contents in the gas output has been all but eliminated leading to increased overall stability.
  • State of the art energy re-capture leads to unprecedented overall efficiencies of >27% (% input being converted to electrical energy).
  • High feedstock flexibility including best-in-class moisture tolerance of >30%.
  • Modular and highly flexible configuration in a single 20′ container.
  • Competitive pricing even at MW scale plants (parallel running of several units).


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