We currently provide two off-the-shelf solutions:
Agri-waste to BioFuel

MASH Energy specialises in converting various agricultural residues into cheap, sustainable ISO compliant fuel products, which can be consumed in industrial applications, e.g. in the shipping industry.

The fuel products are developed in close collaboration with off-takers in various industries.

R&D efforts are currently underway to go beyond “industrial” fuels and toward fuels that can be used in the general transportation.

Waste to Electricity

Our unique, modular gasifier solution allows conversion of a range of different waste fractions into sustainable electricity and fertilisers with a negative carbon footprint.

The solution is based on decades of research and it has been tested with a wealth of different feedstocks. Performance has been shown to far exceed that of other commercial gasification solutions in terms of efficiency, flexibility and – importantly – price.

Our approach

MASH Energy’s approach to extracting value from unused resources is based on a unique combination of theoretical analysis and practical, on-the-ground validation. The latter entails having specialists and test facilities available on the ground in our market of interest and directly investigating the practical and economical details of crucial dimensions such as supply chain logistics, feedstock prices when bought on-site, transportation costs and cost of energy in area of interest.

For each of the below sub-processes, we employ a mix of these onsite, practical investigations as well as extensive analytical tools from state-of-the-art research.

Whenever we successfully investigate and implement a process/feedstock combination, we add this to our portfolio of feedstock- and technology capabilities. This allows us to constantly grow our knowledge and to keep improving the quality and success rate of the services we provide to our customers.

The MASH Energy portfolio

Whenever a project is completed, the MASH portfolio of feedstocks technologies and outputs are strengthened. Each of the elements in our portfolio is directly linked to assets and human resources on the ground, and ready to be used in our existing markets.

About Us


MASH Energy is a spin-out from the Technical University of Denmark.

We possess a deep understanding of the practical and economic implications of extracting value from feedstocks of many types.

Our experience
comes from practical development and operations of many different process plants using a wealth of different feedstocks such as woody biomass, waste plastics, municipal solid waste and used car tyres. We have perfected the process of quickly and precisely establishing whether a given feedstock is viable and how to process it. Our activities have mainly focused on developing our solutions in India as we have found that the country has a host of competent suppliers willing to produce machines at extremely attractive prices. This benefits us and our customers.


Jakob has a background as a serial entrepreneur in various technology sectors. He is in charge of the strategic development of MASH Biotech and the roll out of the global activities in the company.
Krishna Chakravarty, Ph.D.
Krishna Chakravarty, Ph.D.
Head of R&D
Krishna has a strong practical and research background in R&D in the oil- and gas area. He is in charge of the ongoing development of the company’s technology and for the continuous investigation into new, promising feedstocks.
Thomas J. Howard, Ph.D.
Thomas J. Howard, Ph.D.
Tom is a manufacturing and engineering design heavyweight with strong references across a number of industries. He is in charge of the design, production and quality assurance of our full-scale plants. Thomas is also a part-time Associate Professor at the Technical University of Denmark.
Bobby Choudhary
Bobby Choudhary
Head of Manufacturing
Bobby is a mechanical engineer with extensive experience in prototyping and subsequent manufacturing of thermochemical machines. He oversees the manufacturing of the company’s off-the shelf, full scale machines.
Jon Skovgaard
Jon Skovgaard
Legal counsellor, Advisor on the board
Jon is a legal specialist with deep knowledge of a wide variety of fields relevant to our operations, including contracts with partners, suppliers and customers, IPR and tax law.
Rohit Nagargoje
Rohit Nagargoje
Head of MASH Biotech India
Rohit is an Environmental Engineer with strong competencies within municipal solid waste and other waste resources. Rohit’s unique insights and network positions him as the perfect person to head the development of our Indian business.
Klaus Rønnow Poulsen
Klaus Rønnow Poulsen
Head of MASH Biotech Africa
Klaus has decades of experience in implementing energy projects on the African continent. He has an end-to-end understanding of the financial, technical and operational implications of running renewables, including gasifiers, PV and wind turbines.

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